About Us!!

Dinner at our reception location!
Mike and I met in 2004 in college in Boston. Although we lived in the same dorm freshman year, we didn't meet until the first day of sophomore year when a mutual pal brought me to a party at the hockey house where Mike lived. We became instant friends and spent much of that year hanging out, but it wasn't until Mike decided to transfer to a school two hours away did we realize how much we were meant to be together. A week after he moved away at the end of the school year he invited me to come watch him play in a Hockey tournament. That night he brought me out to dinner and the rest is history!!

Fast forward three years later I relocated to be closer to Mike and we moved in together. After a year in our rental we set out to buy our first home, we found the perfect one in December of 2009. Shortly after we decided we would be getting married the next summer in Key West but Mike said he needed a few more months after buying the house to save up for my ring. Since we knew we wanted to get married on our six year anniversary we booked the date before the official engagement!

 A few months later, on April 20 2010, Mike brought me hiking up to "the tower" which overlooks the valley in which we live and he asked me to be his wife! Of course I said yes! And Now we are planning our DW in Key West for July 9 2011!!

Just Engaged!
Engagement Photos-Christy Transier
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